red army standard 9mm ammo



This 7.62×39 cartridge by Red Army Standard features a 124 grain projectile, which is just a grain heavier than the original Soviet M43 bullet. This round’s bullet sports a high ballistic coefficient courtesy of the tapered base of its boat tail design, which improves its accuracy, lessens its sensitivity to wind drift, and flattens its trajectory so you can consistently hit distant targets with your AK.

This hollow point bullet is suitable for training and target practice, but will also not fail to take down intruders thanks to its ability to create a wide, deep wound channel during penetration.This round also offers a steel casing. While its Berdan primer is non-corrosive and thus both shelf stable and gentle on your rifle’s action, this casing is unsuitable for handloading.

Still, the savings that steel represents more than justifies its single use nature. Red Army Standard ammo is made overseas in the kind of countries you’d expect to be associated with AK-47s, although they are owned by Century Arms International, a company based in Florida.

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