About Our Store


Our family and staff here at Globalarmstore.com take the safety of our customers, our community and ourselves very seriously and we appreciate your question(s) about how we do things.  Our goal is to support responsible firearm ownership among individuals and families, to better equip, safely store and to educate a responsibly armed community. We believe firearms safety continues with us, at the retail level, by strictly adhering to state and federal laws preventing those who are under age or with criminal records from purchasing from our establishment.

Our staff works with each client to explore what safe storage options make sense for their budget and home needs so they have the tools to prevent unauthorized or underage individuals from accessing their firearm. Educational programs are available year-round at Howell’s through our Training Academy. We offer classes specifically on firearm safety, introductory courses by interest, concealed carry permit programs and many more. There are regularly scheduled training opportunities for Women’s Only training, Parent-Child Youth League events and Top Shot matches for more experienced shooters.

* Every purchaser is required to pass an extensive background check – conducted by the FBI.

* We only sell firearms to law-abiding adults of legal age.

* We can and will refuse sale to anyone that we feel may be under the influence of alcohol, or any other drug, behaves in an un-safe manner, is depressed or distraught, or that may do harm to themselves or another.