Buy lifecard-.22-lr pistol Online

LIFECARD-.22-LR Pistol

Buy lifecard-.22-lr pistol Online

Buy lifecard-.22-lr pistol Online

If you are talking about a firearm that is stylish, handy, and yet would save your life, then you are talking about lifeguard.22lr, the last gun you will leave behind. LIFECARD-.22-LR is a single-barrel, single-shot handgun. It looks cool and will make everyone interested in it.

LIFECARD-.22-LR is a folding pistol that actually takes no space but equally deadly as big is the size of your credit card and fits into your pocket easily. It has .22LR Caliber, its thickness is .5 inches Moreover it weighs only 5.5 OZ which makes it very easy to carry. Its overall length is 3.375” and height 2.215. The measure of safety has also been taken it won’t fire when it is closed. It is a unique gun in all the ways.

  • Pre harden steel materials have been used for Barrel, bolt, and trigger.
  • Black polymer grip handle
  • Corrosion-resistant Masonite steel/hard coat anodized aluminum and polymer has been used for finishing.

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